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Moscow-River Cruise

The first reason to take part in this adventure is an opportunity to see main Moscow sights like Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow-city area, Stalin skyscrapers, Peter the Great Statue and many others that are located from river side. There are several types of river transport you can chose depends on your preferences: river tram, boat or yacht. And the same time it could be a romantic dinner on the yacht during sunset over beautiful Moscow.


Due to construction of hydraulic structures in Soviet period Moscow became a port of five seas – Chernoe sea (Black sea), Beloe sea (White sea), Caspian Sea, Baltic sea and the sea of Azov. There are two main reason of such reconstruction: lack of water in Moscow because of urbanization process and Moscow was becoming a transport hub. It becomes real after construction of the canal named after Moscow. A major role in construction of a canal played by the structure of prison camps where actively used the labor of prisoners. The main waterway in Moscow is surely Moscow River.
Some historians supposed that the root word meaning marsh, dirt, moisture. About hundred years ago there were mills on Moscow River. In the XX century, it started to walk the first river buses, which became a symbol of romanticism. Initially, river transport didn’t used for entertainment and walks, but only for local transportation. Nowadays river cruise is one of the key attractions of Moscow in summer period.

Tips & tricks

Among Moscow locals and tourists one the populist entertainment is to go to Moscow-river cruise. The best time for such trip is summer, but it’s also possible in spring and autumn. There are at least 12 comfortable piers along river within Moscow itself, where anyone could start the own cruise across the metropolis. The most popular are located in center of the city not far from Kremlin. Nine shipping companies offer sightseeing cruises along the Moscow-river, but among them we would highlight them with good service and modern transport Flotilla “Radisson Royal”. They take people from two piers in Moscow, namely the hotel Ukraine and Gorky Park piers. The first one works even year-round, as «Radisson» has own ships for winter river walks.
Going to a way don’t forget to take warm clothes: evening on the river can be quite cool and windy. Cruise program might be also extended with dinner or/and supper on the boat. This type of relax suits for individual travelers, romantic couples or families with children. We can recommend evening cruise, because it’s a good chance to enjoy the beauty of the night Moscow.