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Moscow Zoo

Moscow Zoo contains more than eight thousand animals belonging to more than a thousand species of world fauna. Some species have been bred by the zoo for the first time in the world. This zoological garden zoo is a member of world, European and Eurasian regional Associations of zoos and aquariums (WAZA, EAZA and EARAZA). Moscow Zoo is not just a zoo, you can find different types of activity here, from standard excursions to animals feeding. Also there is a chance to celebrate the birthday of your children. Moscow Zoo has always been a favorite place in Moscow.


Moscow zoo is one of the oldest zoos of Europe. It was opened on 31 January 1864. Moscow zoo was organized by the Imperial Russian society of acclimatization of animals and plants. When the zoo was opened it had contained 134 instance domestic animals, 153 instance wild animals and birds and 7 reptiles instances. Usually the Imperial Russian society bought animals for zoo or sent special expedition to the nature. A lot of animal were presented, for example, the Indian elephant presented by Tsar Alexander II. The zoo was nationalized after the revolution in 1919. The zoo was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Moscow city Council in 1922, and since this period was on the city’s budget. A Club of Young Biologists of the Zoo who raised a generation of biologists in Russia was opened in 1924. Moscow Zoo faced with difficult time not only during the revolution, but during the great Patriotic war too. The zoo continued to work even in the years of the great Patriotic war, and from 1941 to 1945 it was visited by over 6 million people. Moscow Zoo faced great financial difficulties in 1970-1980 years, it began to decay and crumble, there were problems with feeding the animals. The reconstruction of Moscow Zoo has started in the beginning of 1990 and finished in 1997. From this period Moscow Zoo regularly upgrades its buildings and expositions.

Tips & tricks

Please do not feed the animals. They can get sick. Do not climb over the barriers and do not cross the fence, remember animals are wild in zoo! Don’t put your children on the barriers and fences. Don’t lean against the bars and glass. Roller skates, scooters and bicycles is not allowed on the territory of the zoo. It is unsafe for you and other visitors, and most importantly it makes difficult to observe the animals. Please take photos of the animals without flash. Do not tease the animals: do not tap on glass enclosures. You’re scaring the animals. Do not throw garbage and do not smoke at the zoo.