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Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory)

Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory) – a cult place and one of the most popular sights of Moscow, which became a must-visit point on the maps for tourists, who come to the capital. From here opens the widest and most picturesque panorama of the city, accessible all year round, at any time of day and night – absolutely for free. Here are often held various cultural events: concerts, sports competitions and etc. Nearby there are also located the main building of Moscow State University (one of seven Stalin’s skyscrapers in Moscow) and sport complex «Luzhniki» (main stadium of summer Olympic Games in 1980). As well, Sparrow Hills is one of the main Moscow parks, where it’s very cool to have walk.


The word sparrow appeared in the name from the surname of the owners of these lands – The Vorobyov family, who lived in the 14th century. Since these lands located on a hill (80 meters above the Moscow River level), so that’s how the name of Sparrow Hills was settled.
The high right bank of the Moscow River has attracted attention at all times, due to thick forest, complex reliefs and wonderful views that open onto the river. Therefore, there were built many residences of kings and princes.
The legend says that exactly from that place Napoleon first time view Moscow, when he came to conquer it in 1812. Of course, at that time there was no organized observation platform, it was made only in 1953, when the construction of Moscow State University, the main university of the country, was completed. The height of the building is 182 meters and the height with the spire is 240 meters (number of floors – 36). In the same year, there was built an illuminated ski slope with a chair lift – 340 meters in length.

Tips & tricks

At night in good weather, illegal street races are held here. There are a lot of young people on tuning cars, if you’re lucky you can even watch, how several sports cars compete with each other in a drag racing, and the police are chasing after them.
Officially, Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory) is a part of Gorky Park, it’s even connects with each other. But we recommend you to get to observation deck from Gorky Park by subway, as its quite long trip: from Park Kultury Station to Universitet Station or Vorobyovy Gory (Hills). Without a map getting from subway to the observation deck will be quite problematic, and in general it is better to come by car or to take a guide with you. Here is always windy, so in cold weather to stay here for a long time will be quite uncomfortable.